Monday, October 6, 2014

GHC14 Video Bloggers

AT GHC 2009, Ed & Ashley introduced their 5 minute show where they shared their experiences, gave great tips and had a chance to interview a few attendees from the community.  Last year, we invited video bloggers to participate in GHC13.  Vanessa Hernandez had great vlogs she shared throughout GHC13 which was very well received.  This year ...

Ed & Ashley are back and Vanessa is also video blogging for GHC14!

Ed & Ashley 5 minute show

Erin "Ed" Donahue (@creepyed) and Ashley Myers (@OragnizeFISH)  created the Ed & Ashley 5 minute show in 2008. You can view their videos.  They're back this year with great tips and will be sharing their experiences with the community. We are excited to have them back!

Check out their first video for GHC14 >>

Vanessa Hernandez

Vanessa is back this year as well giving great advice on travel, conference check-ins and more. She shares her thoughts about swag, presenting at GHC and what to do afterwards. You can view her last year's vlogs. Thanks for video blogging again this year Vanessa!

Vanessa's GHC14 intro video >> 

Want to video blog for GHC15?

We're already planning for next year so if you're interested in volunteering with GHC Community, stop by the ABI Community Pavilion at the exhibit hall, or send email to A great way to give back to get involved and engage with Anita Borg Institute and communities.

Follow our community as we blog and vlog throughout the conference.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Enjoying GHC14 Remotely

Missing out on attending this year's Grace Hopper Celebration in person? Not to worry! There are many ways to engage with the energy that comes out of GHC, and follow along with the sessions thanks to our wonderful community volunteers.

First and foremost, be sure you bookmark the Community Blog Feed.  This is where all the blog posts from our wonderfully amazing community volunteers are all being collected.  You'll find a lot of general impressions of the conference as well as notes on specific sessions.

Speaking of notes, you'll find plenty of them, again on conference sessions, on our notes wiki.  Once again our volunteers will be providing this great content.

Then of course there's social media:
With all these great ways to engage with the conference from afar, you will surely get a lot out of it! Enjoy, and perhaps I'll meet you online!

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