Friday, September 10, 2010

Transportation while in Atlanta for GHC10

Some more tips from your local chair.

To and from the airport:
The Hyatt and Marriott do NOT provide complimentary shuttle service to or from the airport.
Marta is the public transportation rail line in Atlanta. There is a rail station at the airport which will take you to within a block of the Hyatt and Marriott hotels. It will run about $3-4 one way from the airport to the Peachtree Center location on the red line. The ride is close to 20 minutes.
If you take a taxi, expect to pay around $30 for one way with extra charges for additional people.
If you call the Hyatt, they will hire a car which runs about $40-50 one way.

All the places I listed in a previous post for sightseeing were within walking distance of the hotels so you would not really need transportation.

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