Thursday, September 10, 2015

GHC Getting Closer - Can't Wait!

by Zaza Soriano


    <GHC type="Community Committee">
    <GHC type="Inspiration"/>

for Topic in Excitement.Children:

    print """I work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics 
    Laboratory (APL) as an embedded software engineer. This will 
    be my 6th year attending GHC, my 2nd representing APL, and my 
    first on the ABI Communities Committee."""

        if Topic.Type == 'APL':

            print """APL is a non-profit company and because of that
            it’s not an easy task to justify spending money on a 
            non-technical conference. This however has been
            changing,and is one of the things I am really excited
            about this year."""

            for Info in Topic.Children:
                    case 'Coworkers':

                        print """It’s exciting to watch the GHC bug
                        start to spread to other departments in the 
                    case 'Committee':
                        print """A couple of us started up a
                        committee to help with the influx of
                        APL’ers attending. The road has been
                        bumpy so far and I am very excited to
                        see how this year goes!"""

                        for Item in Info.Children:
                            if Item.Type == 'Purpose':

                                print """Our motivation behind the
                                committee had a lot to do with
                                wanting to make the experience as
                                smooth as possible for new
                                attendees, as well as making sure
                                we as a lab are able to
                                continually benefit from what was
                                learned at GHC."""

                            if Item.Type == 'Benefits':

                                print """I’m really excited about
                                seeing how each pair of APL’ers
                                will share what they learned 
                                this year."""


                    case 'Recruiting':

                        print """Last year I headed up the
                        recruiting for our department. This year
                        I am excited to see how my friend does
                        with recruiting. So far I am extremely
                        happy and love to witness young woman
                        gaining confidence and experience doing
                        something they love."""


        if Topic.Type == 'GHC':
            if Topic.getAttribute('type') == 'Community Committee':
                if Topic.ChildNode(0).Type == 'Members':

                    print """I LOVE working with everyone on the
                    committee! It’s like being surrounded by 
                    amazing woman all the time! I am looking 
                    forward to finally meeting everyone next
                    month. :)"""

                else if Topic.getAttribute('type') == 'Inspiration':

                    print """I saved the best for last...The thing
                    I get the most excited about GHC is the
                    inspiration you get from attending. Yes the
                    sessions are great, very informative, generally
                    always useful, but there is something about
                    being in a room full of THOUSANDS of other
                    technical woman that is just SO INSPIRING!!
                    It’s not something that can be described with
                    words, so I hope that every technical woman at
                    some point gets to experience that amazing
                    feeling at least once in their life."""

“Think Outside the Box”

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