Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blogging and Note Taking!

Hey everyone,

So I'm sure by now you've all had a chance to take a look at the schedule and see all the amazing tracks and talks that are coming up at the conference! But, you may also have realized that it's physically impossible to go to each and every talk from every track that you'd like to see.

But never fear, we've got you covered! Every year the communities committee organizes hordes of volunteers to do blogging and note taking for all the sessions! Anyone  and everyone is welcome to take part in this effort. In fact, we're still taking applications for this year!

"But what's actually involved with this?" you may ask? "Will this take time away from the conference?" Keep reading to find out =)

The Basics

Short answer, no, this really shouldn't take much time away from the conference at all. The way it works is you sign up for three or more different sessions/talks that you would like to either note take for or blog about. Then, you just attend the session and take your notes or write a post about it later. 

Since your blogging/note taking sessions should be talks that you would want to go see regardless, this is meant to impose a minimal burden on you. The specifics of both are below.


This is more you giving an opinion on what you thought about a given session. Feel free to throw a summary of what went on as well, but also try and discuss what you thought of the session overall. And perhaps what kinds of questions came up from the audience and what they thought too! Just make sure you follow the RSS feed instructions to make sure other people can find your blog post too =)

Note Taking

Note taking is exactly what it sounds like! A factual recording/synopsis of what the talk was about and what was covered. You don't need to add your opinion in, just write down what's happening. Once the session is done, you can post your notes to the GHC Wiki for others to see! 

We aim to have a blog post and notes for each session. So if you miss anything, you can read up on what was actually covered during the talk and what someone thought about it to boot!

Is this sounding like something you'd like to be involved in? Then please apply here. Applications close September 30th!

Need more info? Click here to learn more!

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