Friday, October 14, 2016

Introducing Jewish Women In Computing Community

Going through a GHC is an overwhelming and awe-inspiring experience.  One could think that being at a women’s engineering conference would give enough focus and common grounds with all the other members of the conference.  However, Aubrey and Rebecca both felt amiss. Small nuances took shape in other communities that allowed their members to come about a common denominator. Aubrey understood that while there are communities representing many different religions and opinions, she could not find hers and began her journey of defining a community that can be home to Jewish women in STEM.  Rebecca later joined forces with Aubrey to create Jewish Women in Computing to give other Jewish women the community they wished they had seen at GHC themselves.

For many years, Aubrey has been passionate about topics in STEM and arts.  She showed her passion by joining the robotics team at her high school and continued to study computer science at UC Santa Cruz.  After going to GHC ‘14, Aubrey was more determined and inspired than ever to show people how important it was to balance technology and arts.  She decided to change her major to Games and Playable Media so she could use technology and arts to bring people together.

Rebecca started her career in computing as an IT intern at her high school. As someone who loves using technology and dissecting electronics, she wanted to get a better idea of how everything comes together in the first place. She started college at Drexel University as a computer engineering major and added on a major in electrical engineering to fill in the gaps on the physical side. She is looking forward to graduating in the spring and seeing where her engineering career takes her.

Women in computing fields of study or work face many challenges, including the challenge of finding a community for themselves in a male-dominated field.  Even more challenging is finding a community of women who share the same heritage and culture.  JWiC wants to provide this space for Jewish women around the world.   Our community can deliver the networking opportunity for women who seek to balance their careers in computing with their Jewish heritage and culture.  JWiC was created with the intent of giving Jewish women in STEM a safe space to collaborate and connect with each other through their shared experiences.

Aubrey and Rebecca want to share this space with other Jewish women and hope to inspire them to reach their goals.

Join and Strengthen the Community

At GHC 2016, Rebecca will be on a panel describing JWiC and will be excited to meet and greet new members. We are as strong as our community. Come meet, join, and have an impact
within our community!  If you are attending GHC ‘16, you can connect with the community:

Panel: Expanding Systers Communities
Globally and Culturally

October 20, 2016
9:00 am - 10:00 am
GRB 371 A-C
You can also connect with
them on their:

Dalia Karmon, Aubrey Isaacman, Rebecca Cargan

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