Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Hey there,

I am a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am enthusiastically looking forward for Oct 1st - Oct 4th.

The first few things that I did after receiving the GHC scholarship were:
  1. pinched myself to make sure that I was not day-dreaming,
  2. checked the application status online to make sure it wasn’t a case of application mix-up,
  3. tried to accept the award ASAP and filled out whatever online forms were required, and then,
  4. I took a deep breath, thanked the GHC Scholarship committee and marveled at the thought that I will be getting to meet tech-savvy women from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I have already signed up for the “CONNECT”, created a Facebook account, and have expressed my interest to attend the networking session with the CTOs. I plan to register for the “Resume Clinic” to get the expert advice to spruce up my resume.

I love to hear the keynote speeches and therefore would make sure to be at the right place and at the right time. I am looking forward to the networking session with Jo Miller. The talks on “Transforming Yourself into a Technical Leader” and “Organizations Building a Better World: ABI, ACM-W, CRA-W and NCWIT” are something I can’t miss to attend while I am at GHC.

I am also excited about attending the SRC Competition to have a peek at the creativity of all the beautiful minds that worked hard to make the competition a challenging one. I feel that watching posters is in a way like window-shopping: You go around, have a look at all you can, and then come back to the one that interested you the most.

I need to take a look at the conference schedule once again and would mark and plan for the events I want to attend beforehand because “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.

See you at the conference! So long,


Kate said...

Hope to meet you there Ritu! Welcome to the blog. :)

Ritu Arora said...

Thanks a lot Kate! Hoping to meet you soon!

Read your post on the "3 Reasons Why People...". Cool analysis and natural thinking. Great Job :-)

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Thank you Ritu! :) We've all been there right? I never thought I would win this year, I got rejected last year. :)

BJ Wishinsky said...

Congratulations on your scholarship, Ritu! Be sure to join our Grace Hopper 2008 group on Facebook.

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