Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finding a Roommate for Grace Hopper

Want to come to Grace Hopper but aren't sure if you can afford the hotel costs? Or maybe you'd just like a great way to meet new people on a more personal level. Finding a roommate to share a room with is a great way to accomplish this!

But where can you find someone you trust to make your roommate?

The first place to look is women's organizations in your own school, company, or city. Groups like ACM/ACM-W, WISE, WICS, and SWE may have members already attending. Our own WISE group at school had someone ask about the conference, and now she's staying with us in the suite we reserved!

If that doesn't turn up any results, you can check for others looking to share a room on the Grace Hopper Facebook group. The "Finding GHC09 Rides and Roommates" thread has been very active, and is currently the best place to go for your search after you've checked locally.

The roommates thread on the Grace Hopper group on Linked In has had less participation, but is another alternative available to you.

Finally, you might try the Systers mailing list. There are many subscribers to the list who attend the conference each year.

Remember, if you are a scholarship winner, your hotel is being arranged for you. You can check your award information letter for more info.

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