Friday, September 26, 2008

Answering Jeopardy Question 4 :Who is Mary Lou Jepsen?

Thanks to my co-blogger (funny! instead of co-worker) Ritu Arora for asking us these
questions in Jeopardy. I want to share with you the answer. I start to read the name of Mary
Lou Jepsen since I was in college, but when I list for the master I take a course, I think it was the first course, where I read a paper of Nicholas Negroponte, where he mentioned Mary Lou Jepsen. I read about her iniative of Pixel Qi, and another reference: Wikipedia( where the biography of Mary Lou Jepsen captivate my attention. I mean I admire her, she's an example of how we could Build a better World. I invite you to read more about her and keep waiting for the posts and comments of her conference on Grace Hopper 2008.

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Kathy Richardson said...

Thank you for posting about Mary Lou Jepsen. If nudged me to go read her bio.

She is awesome!

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