Friday, September 5, 2008


Hi Dear Systers and dear visitors! My name is Martha Cisneros and I'm an postgraduate student of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education wich is one of the largest and most important private, nonsectarian and coeducational multiple-campus universities in Latin America with over 91,000 students at high school, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the Institute has 33 campuses in 25 cities throughout the country and is Spanish-speaking world, having one of the top graduate business schools in the region and being known for becoming the first university ever connected to the Internet in Latin America and the one of the leaders in patent applications among Mexican universities.

BTW, what I want to share with you, is that for first time in the story of our Institute (today we are celebrating 65 years) a student group (a very special student group) will be attending to the Grace Hopper Conference. Thanks to BJ Wishinsky and Internet kindness we connect ABI last year and since then we are waiting the GHC Celebration of this year. It's a very good opportunity to share knowledge, share experiences that embraces our acts that contribute to development of our region as commited learning citizens. This very special student group that will assist to GHC is called Mujeres en TecnologĂ­a (Women in Technology) nicknamed MenTe (Spanish for mind). Students led by Alicia Chong focused on involved more students to develop more plans to make girls active on IT field. We are very proud to assist to GHC even when we are going to have a very tired trip: bus from Monterrey, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas and then fly from Texas to Colorado. GHC worths it! We know that we are going back with the backpage full of stories to share.

Monterrey, our city is having a marvelous development in relationship with technology. We are becoming an International City of Knowledge. This project seeks to create a better future for Nuevo Leon, our state, localizated in the Northwest part of Mexico. Our Economic growth is the result of innovation, within the framework of an alliance between Society, Businesses, Academic Institutions and the Government; in a city with social and cultural infrastructures for the service of its citizens. Clearly we are part of this movement and we could bring ideas to improve our participation in this or more projects.

I can't wait.We can't hardly wait. Hardly wait.

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Gilda said...

Nice blog and excellent news Martha!!. Looking forward to meet members of the "MenTe" group at GHC08


laurazavala said...

Martha, I'm also looking forward to meet the MenTe group.
I mention you on

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