Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Safe travels everyone!

by Zaza Soriano

The GHC Communities Committee had their last conference call last night. I ended that call by telling everyone not to miss their flights. They all laughed... but I have reason for that statement. :)

My sister, Ant Soriano, was living with me at the time. She had a train ticket home to see her mom for a holiday. The day comes... and I remember being rudely awoken by Ant. "Zaza!! You overslept!"... whoops. The second attempt, we made it all the way to the train station. Ant almost missed her train again because we had no idea you were supposed to just go down to the platform at the time stated on your ticket. It is definitely a different experience than traveling via plane.

So I state again, don't miss your flight (or train) and safe travels everyone!

See you in Houston!

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