Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Connect Project: Ed's Prespective

Today during the networking workshop, everyone got to hear all about the Connect Project.  From a show hands in the room, lots people were signed up with the Connect Project.  This is great; the more people that are signed up, the better it will be.  This is a beta test of the project, but I think it is going very well.  I love having the color-coded name tags to help me identify important people that I want to talk to!  I've actually connected with some people so far!

For me, I was able to use the Connect project to find potential employers.  I'd like to go into industry first and from there I'll decided if I'd like advanced degrees.  Because I'm looking for a job, I can look for the right colors.  This morning I got connected with some recruiters from Fort Wayne, IN, so I've been able to experience the Connect Project first hand!

Please share your Connect Project experiences in the comments!!

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