Friday, October 3, 2008

Wendy Hall: ACM & Women in Computing

Wendy Hall is the first person outside of North America to be elected President of the ACM. One thing she announced during her talk is that the ACM is going to be elevating the ACM-W within the organization this year, which is exciting news. They also have an ACM-W Ambassadors program which is really neat. This year there will be an ACM Women's Council, chaired by Elaine Weyuker. The ACM Women's Council will give us a voice at the top levels of the ACM, which is also really cool.

I'm curious if you are a member of ACM, or if you've participated in ACM-W. If so, what is the best part about these organizations for you?


Ed said...

I am an ACM member. I'm also the chair of the DePauw chapter of ACM-W. I love having an ACM-W, it provides a great support system. We try to do a lot of outreach activities.

My favorite part of the ACM membershipis the access to the online library of books.

BJ Wishinsky said...

This just in: Professor Wendy Hall has been named a Dame in the UK's honors (or should I say honours) list for services to science and technology!

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