Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recession-proof your career: Ed's Prespective

Jo Miller's talk about Recession-proofing your career was great!  I would definitely recommend checking out the GHC Wiki, specifically the page that has the notes  from Jo Miller's talk.  My number one take-away from this session was to create several 30 Second Commercials for myself.  Having one 30 Second Commercial is great, but having several is even better since they can take you through multiple situations.  I have several different flavors of 30 Seconds floating around in my head.

  • Student/I'm looking for a job
  • Tutor/Training
  • Women in Computer Science chair
This is the suggested format of a 30 Second Commercial:
  1. Your name
  2. Job Title/Personal Brand
  3. I am responsible for/take care of/specialize in X, Y, Z
  4. Come to me if you need A, B, C
Tonight I'm going to write down my 30 Second Commercials.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have them all ready and I can have Ashley tape them so everyone can see my 30 Second Commercials!

I feel really good about having a 30 Second Commercial.  I would love to hear what everyone is going to include in their 30 Second Commercials, so please leave some comments!

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