Thursday, October 16, 2008

Staying in touch

I’m excited to see that folks are still here writing about GHC (I took vacation right after GHC and just got back). I’m excited to be back and I need to get busy following up from the conference. I hope many of you are ahead of me on this, but in case you aren’t and need some inspiration, I’m telling you my game plan.

I’m starting to look through my CONNECT contacts, and managing to page back in the context of my conversations from more than a week ago.

My first priority will be to send e-mails to the new women I met that are the closest match professionally. As well the women that have sent me mail as a result of the conference.

Then I will send to the women I re-connected with. It is always important to strengthen connections. Besides these women have become my friends and cheerleaders over the years! I want to thank them for that and let them know it is always a delight to re-connect.

I plan to finish these 2 sets by the end of the weekend.

There are two other general groups on my CONNECT list: Students and those I met briefly (and maybe don’t quite remember). I will send these folks mail as well.

The students I will encourage to work on their connections, and feel free to e-mail if they need some encouragement.
The rest, I will just say hello, and hope to see them at future GHC conferences. Sometimes it takes more time to make a genuine connection. For all I know an interaction with one of these women will be a life changing experience at some point.

Since I really enjoyed talking with everyone I connected with at GHC, I’m really looking forward to developing these connections.

I'd love to hear your plans for building on your confernce connections!


Gail said...

Oh man... I have wanted to follow up on some of my key contacts and just haven't had the chance. So much to catch up on. Or is it just not important enough subconsciously? I hope that's not the case!


Ed said...

Gail, I feel your pain! I'm just now getting around to truly emailing everyone I met. I'm really excited to stay in touch with people I met!

And thanks Gail for being in an episode of Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show! And for getting your friends to help out as well!

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