Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Excited for Tomorrow!

Well, I've finally settled in (after two flight connections...it was a long day of traveling!) and managed to get some internetz. Grace Hopper Conference here I come! (well, tomorrow).

If you're staying at the Doubletree or the Marriot University Park Hotel (like I am), you will be taking a shuttle to the conference tomorrow! Everyone should have gotten the schedule when they checked in...otherwise, the links to the pdf can be viewed from this website too. Bottom line is, they run about every 20 minutes during the morning, lunch time, and evening (until half an hour after the last session is over)

So, what does this mean? Unless you can find a time to pull yourself away from the plethora of session options during the day, you'll want to make sure you bring everything you'll need for tomorrow.

Personally, I plan on arriving just in time to register, get some breakfast, explore the JW a little, and then start attending sessions! I'll also be dressing business-like so I can check out the job fair booths, and plan on lugging my laptop around so I can take notes and blog. Don't forget that you'll be getting a bag of goodies when you register, so try not to bring too much stuff before you get there...that's a lot of carrying stuff around!

Hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow!

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