Friday, October 2, 2009

Computing Outside the Box

Martha Pollak talks about a very interesting idea, although she was supposed to talk initially about assistive living technology which I very interested in. She talked about different themes that considers how computer science can be more powerful by embracing more applied problems outside the domain of computer science. The field of computing can become very powerful as the computer scientists can help the other domain experts in computational thinking. Computer science can benefit by using other domain specific solutions to solve the different computer science problems. We have to consider that human are in the loop and many of the solutions require the socio computational aspect.

This idea seems very interesting from the perspective of a core systems student. We tend to think about the performance in terms of the basic systems terminology (throughput, latency etc.) while as we look at new application areas - we should consider the domain experts to help us judge various systems.

I was very interested to know about the assistive living technology but enjoyed the different approach very much. It opened up a new window and ofcourse added a huge pile of problems to think about !

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