Friday, October 2, 2009

Women of color: Identifying and discussing the unique issues

This was a session attended by a diverse set of people. The panelists talked about the various issues faced by women of color. The list is long and considers the absence of small networks, role models, lack of guidance, how to communicate effectively and overload of committee services even for the very few number of women of color in various positions.

It was interesting to find out how the audience felt about all these problems. One of the audience asked us to look for a solution by being approachable and not talking offense very easily. This was a very positive way of looking at the problem. The panel members also agreed that we must take our time before we react fo any unwanted situation.

So, we then ask the question of how to deal with the issues.
One very interesting answer was about emotional IQ. It is the concept of using emotional intelligence which considers the socio cultural aspects along with the IQ. Another aspect of it is that, many of the times - the women of color have a natural way of using emotional IQ and can sense the environment. I have heard about this term for the first time but I agree very much with the concept that women have a natural way of using this emotional IQ.

There are other ways to deal with the issue which are very obvious like networking and professional development.

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