Monday, October 5, 2009

Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show - GHC09, Round 2!

I'm proud to announce that all GHC09 episodes of Ed & Ashley's 5 Minute Show are posted! Once again, I'm only going to embed two of our videos in this post, and will provide links and descriptions to the rest. Ed and I will be attending Microsoft's PDC conference in November, so if you know of a woman who is attending, we'd love to interview her! Shoot Ed an email at!

Deidre Straughan a Community Specialist and (Video)blogger at Sun Microsystems discusses why video is effective. You can find her video at and her blog at

Deidre Straughan and Theresa Giacomini, both with Sun Microsystems, discuss growing the community behind the OpenSolaris Open Source project.

Valarie Bubb Fenwick of Sun Microsystems explains what open source is and her role as a developer on the Open Solaris project. She also blogs at

Rebecca Norlander of Microsoft talks about the super powers involved in being a person of influence.

Diane Curtis of Microsoft tells us, well our viewers, what the Imagine Cup is. Find out more at or for students in the US.

Erin Chapple, Group Program Manager for Windows Server at Microsoft, talks about Technical Mentorship and Sponsorship.

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