Thursday, October 1, 2009

Landing a Job and Succeeding in Industry: Bridging the gap between in-class learning and job-related skills

As a senior undergraduate about to transition from school to full-time work in three months, I’m definitely starting to feel the anticipation and stress of the competitive job search.

So what can students do to stand out from the crowd?
"The number one skill recruiters look for in technical positions are communication skills."

Looking back on my undergraduate career I have learned more from my experiences outside of the classroom than from all the hours spent laboring over my textbooks and cramming for finals. Joining professional and student groups on campus, attending conferences and competitions, and doing internships every year has given me the opportunity to build my confidence in my technical and communication skills. My internships have given me the chance to interview the employer, explore different types of positions, teams, workplace environments, and build my skills sets. Student internships provide the power to “manage your own career” and find out what works best for you.

And as we've all learnt from GHC, the importance of networking is fundamental for our careers. Professional groups, internships, attending competitions and conferences are great ways to build a professional network.

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Barbora said...

what does industry want?

1. ethics and professionalism [first]
2. global and local perspective
3. initiative, creativity
4. communication skills
5. problem solving/critical thinking
6. self-management
7. team work and leadership
8. technical [last]

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